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Spot atlas & communities

Spot atlas are wiki-like worldwide spot directories; true collaborative websites based on active sports enthusiats. The wanna-communities are key elements of the websites. Members can communicate, plan trips, buld their favourite spot list/logbook and more...


Our platform is now available on mobile phones; the first release of Wannasurf and Wannadive are available on Android smartphones.


We offer a highly focused advertising and promotional opportunity for the surf, dive, kite and sk8 travel industry. A niche marketing opportunity to promote sports and outdoor related products and services at a CPM rate that is very competitive.


Wannacorp manages several websites based on a unified platform.




Scuba diving




Skate, Roller, BMX


Drop zones

Other sports

Rock climbing, Skiing, Golf, etc.


We are sports enthusiasts creating and running several atlas/community websites.

  • 1999

    Our Humble Beginnings

    As with many successful websites, WannaSurf.com was created by two people in their spare-time, with no budget and no significant revenues. The original need was to share surf spots between a Tahititian and an Angolan surfer(!), find new spots and open these data with other surfers. Wannasurf was released as the first wiki-like worldwide surf spot atlas; a true collaborative project based on active surfers. This was three years before Wikipedia!

  • February 2005

    Divers join the team

    Wannasurf concept of the surf spot atlas was great and a new guy, who was a surfer and a scubadiving instructor, join the team to enhance the concept to worldwide dive sites. Instead of cloning the Wannasurf website, he built a new platform to easily clone the concept for other sports...

  • March 2006

    Wannakite & Wannask8

    ... and this was made a year later with two new wanna-atlases created for kite surfers and skaters.

  • December 2006

    User community launch

    A new community application was integrated into the wannaplatform; providing new great features for all wanna-atlases users: Favourites spot lists, personnal logbook, user photo albums and much more... This was just three months after Facebook opens to all!

  • October 2008

    Google Earth partnership

    Wannasurf partners with Google to embed some wanna-atlases information into Google Earth V5. Wannasurf, Wannadive and Wannakitesurf spots are now available into Google Earth > Ocean layer > Water sports. This great feature is announced during the Google Ocean launch October 6th, 2008.

  • February 2015

    Mobile applications

    A new mobile platform is developed; based on new web services provided by the wanna-platform. Wannasurf and Wannadive Android applications are released.

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Our Amazing Team

Colleagues, friends but first all sports enthusiasts!


CEO, founder of Wannasurf


CEO, founder of Wannasurf


CEO/CTO, the scuba guy

Wanna-sites would not be what they are today without all our community members: surfers, divers, kitesurfers, skaters... First of all, these atlases are user-generated content. They all are part of the wanna team!

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